Abbott: Two Distinct Sets of Men

“Where our culture once taught men to integrate our aggression and concern for others into our personalities, it now splits them between two distinct sets of men. On the one hand, we have the bros, the stereotypical frat-boy loudmouths, obsessed with sex, sports and entertainment. These guys are all aggression. They take risks. They may never shirk from a fight. But, none of these qualities have been disciplined. These young men remain unformed by any process that would direct all that raw masculine energy toward duty, toward worthy pursuits, toward building and protecting civilization.

On the other hand, we have ‘nice’ guys. Guys who never raise a fuss. Men without principle, without pride, without passion. These men, such as they are, are blown by the winds of social opinion. They may be gentle, but that gentleness serves no higher purpose than to make themselves inoffensive, even when important principles are at stake. Their sight is fixed more of gaining the approval of friends than on ruling their own lives. They are more fixated on the crowd than on the crown.”

– Dean Abbott, “Icons of Masculinity: Tom Magnum”



  1. Powerful insight. There s much made today about these ‘nice guys’ and their ‘gentleness’ but where does it lead? Just like the Jocks and Brosephs of the preceding paragraphs neither of them is focussed on anything greater than themselves.


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