Esolen: When Was the Last Time

“When was the last time you heard that every law we pass, every ship we sail, every mine we dig, every tower we build, and every war we fight, we do so ultimately so that a woman can rock her child to sleep within the profound haven of steadfast married love? Has it not been the reverse? Have we not said instead that women should have children – if they feel like it – because we are going to need the lawyers, sailors, miners, construction workers, and soldiers? Have we not said, in deeds more clearly than words, though in words also, that the bearing of a child is significant only if it contributes to those utilitarian ends? Have we not suggested that it is, at best, a temporary layover on a woman’s flight from Boston to Los Angeles? And no layover at all for the man?”

– Anthony Esolen, Life Under Compulsion (p. 173)


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