Gilder: Humanists

“Among the more advanced social scientists, however, there are two phenomena even more detested than capitalism. One is sex, to the extent that it depends on fundamental differences between the sexes; the other is religion, particularly if it implies a belief in a realm beyond the reach of social scientists, even those who use up-to-date techniques of national probability sample research. The most crucial characteristic of modern social-science methods, in fact, is an inability to register the differences between the sexes, or the existence of God.

Social scientists do, however, have a form of religion of their own. In general, when liberal sociologists bother to identify themselves in terms that go beyond their belief in dollars and Social Change, they call themselves ‘humanists’. Humanists can easily be recognized by their blind faith in the possibility of overcoming some of the most universal and ineradicable characteristics of human beings: the inequalities among them; their piety; their acquisitiveness and competitiveness; their irrational bent for speculation and entrepreneurship; their persistent and universal sexual differences, both psychological and biological. The humanist vision calls for a cooperative, communal, egalitarian, secular, nonsexist, nonhierarchical, and rational society. This in fact, as C.S. Lewis contended in a famous essay, entails nothing less than the abolition of human nature.”

– George Gilder, Men and Marriage (p. 163)


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