Pratchett: A Badge of Coolth

“On the Internet, no one cares how you spell. Dyslexia is imitated, not as an affliction but as a badge of coolth. Some of the younger users regard as suspicious any suggestion that vaguely competent English has a part to play. I suggested to one correspondent that, if he wished to be a writer, he should allow grammar, spelling, and punctuation to enter his life; he bridled on the basis that ‘publishers have people to do that’!”

– Terry Pratchett, A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Non-Fiction (p. 75)


One Comment

  1. love that. Worrying about grammar takes away from the creativity and uniqueness. Grammar is important but worry about it after the first draft is done. That was my golden rule while writing my autobiography. Decided to share some not so easy truths so grammar was not a main concern in the beginning. If you have time stop by, and thanks for sharing the thought provoking quote.


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