Wilson: Designed for Closeness, Fellowship, and Companionship

“In some important sense, marriage, particularly in its sexual aspect, shows us in a figure something about the communion between the Lord and His people.

As this ultimate partaking is not a ‘mere’ mechanical unity, neither is the type. Reductionistic thinking in the one area will lead to reductionistic thinking in the other. A low ecclesiology will lead necessarily to a low view of marriage. A low view of church membership vows will lead to a low view of marriage vows. In our day, when people walk away from local congregations so easily, why are we surprised when they do the same thing in their marriages? The sexual union is designed for closeness, fellowship, and companionship, and it’s used by God to actually accomplish it. Our understanding of the erotic aspect of our lives will fill out our understanding of God’s purpose for His people, and vice versa.”

– Douglas Wilson, My Life for Yours (p. 69)


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