Pearcey: Commodification

“The same bleak view of sexuality is inculcated in young children’s minds by the public school system. A video put out by the Children’s Television Workshop defines sexual relations as simply ‘something done by two adults to give each other pleasure.’ No hint that sexuality has any moral or social significance. No suggestion that it has a richer purpose than sheer sensual gratification, such as bonding husband and wife together to create a safe haven for raising children. Instead sexuality is portrayed as an exchange of physical services between two autonomous, disconnected individuals. It’s sex as commodity.

To use a punchy phrase from John Kavanaugh, ‘commodification splits sexuality from self-hood.’ Sexuality is treated not as the embodied expression of our full self-hood, but merely as an instrument for physical release and recreation.”

– Nancy Pearcey, Saving Leonardo (p. 64)


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