Wilson: The Real Alternative

“Modernity only believes in the language of equality – we do not mind tyrannies as long as they are draped in the name of the people, all of whom must be formally acknowledged to be equal. The tyrant may actually be engaged in trying to murder all the people, but as long as he bows and scrapes in front of the Temple of Democracy, his position is secure. But in the medieval mindset, in the world God made, our only real choice is between glad and voluntary submission to natural authority on the one hand or forced submission to naked power on the other. The choice is not between evil submission and good equality. As C.S. Lewis puts it, ‘The modern idea that we can choose between Hierarchy and equality is, for Shakespeare’s Ulysses, mere moonshine. The real alternative is tyranny; if you will not have authority you will find yourself obeying brute force.'”

– Douglas Wilson, Angels in the Architecture (p. 164)


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