Smith: It Was Always You

“Do you remember the first time we saw each other? You thought I was rude, staring at you. I got off at the wrong metro stop just to ask your name. And you refused to tell me. But I wouldn’t leave until you did. So you lied and told me your name was Lena. For an entire week all I could talk about was this beautiful woman called Lena. I’d tell everyone Lena’s so beautiful. When I finally saw you again and convinced you to walk with me I called you Lena the entire time. At the end of the walk I was ready to kiss you and you were only ready to tell me your real name. The next day I told everyone how wonderful this woman Raisa was and everyone laughed at me saying last week it was Lena this week it’s Raisa and next week it’ll be someone else. But it never was. It was always you.”

– Tom Rob Smith, Child 44 (p. 96)



      1. About 100 pages in now, and very impressed. The story has already taken some turns I never saw coming, the characterizations are fantastic, and the plot is more thoughtful than most. I may write a full review, but I’ll let you know what I think when I’m finished.

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