Jones: A Cheap Aristotelian Horror Story

“Rome’s story of justification fails to resolve the divine drama between justice and mercy… Instead of reconciling God’s perfect holiness with His mercy, Rome has God lower His standard of righteousness; He no longer demands perfection. God can be at peace with persons (even before purgatory) who merely have enough sanctifying grace in their souls, muddied as it may be by venial sin. Mercy mugs justice. Even worse, Rome embraces a legal atrocity in its sacrifice of Christ. By denying that Christ bears the guilt of our sins, it wants us to believe that God kills His Son though He bears no guilt. Then the Father slays the innocent. Here justice is exiled… Instead of having righteousness and mercy kiss in elegant drama, Rome tells us a cheap Aristotelian horror story.”

– Douglas Jones, Angels in the Architecture (p. 63-64)


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